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What is Lady Bits?

Lady Bits is a series of seven comedic animated shorts that are designed to entertain, educate, and open discussion about women's sexuality. The films discuss various aspects of female sexuality such as communication, masturbation, and sex toys. They are rendered with diverse animation techniques ranging from digital hand drawn to puppets. The shorts are intended to be used to facilitate the discussion of often overlooked topics. The series is packaged with an informational booklet that corresponds to the topics in each film and provides additional information on the subjects.

Who is Lady Bits for?

Lady Bits is targeted at young women who are starting to explore their sexuality. However, the films are designed to include women of all types. Lady Bits can benefit older women who are beginning or expanding their sexual journey, men curious about women's sexuality and parents who need a way to discuss these topics with their daughters. The films and booklet can be used in a classroom setting to facilitate discussion or by an individual who wants to learn in a more private setting.

Why did you make Lady Bits?

My mother did her best to teach me about sex by talking to me about relationships, safety, and the mechanics. However, there was a lot missing from those discussions. There are some things parents just have a hard time talking about. There are other things they may not know to talk about or may have never learned themselves. Combine that with society's lack of open public discussion and bountiful sources of misinformation and you get a lot of confused and unhappy people. Sexuality is such a large part of being alive and our understanding of it can effect our identity, confidence, and relationships. The older I got, the more clear it became how little I knew about sex and sexuality. So, when it came time to make my master's thesis at USC, I wanted a way to learn as much as I could and share that knowledge in the most entertaining way I could. With such a difficult topic I had to find a way to mix humor and facts in a way that challenged people but also allowed them to feel comfortable enough to keep watching. I believe that we can learn more when we are entertained and that we open up to new things with laughter. Because of this, I made fun, colorful shorts that introduced the topics I felt needed the most attention: anatomy, masturbation, communication, fantasy, and toy safety. I realized that the films couldn't cover all of the information I wanted to convey, so I created the booklet so people can get into the nitty-gritty of things after they have some fun getting introduced to the topics by the films.